Public invitation to enter the quality club

Public invitation to enter the quality club

Dear Renters, The Zadar County Tourist Board is launching the 5th public invitation to enter the WELCOME Quality Club.

The objective of the project is to increase the quality of accommodation in existing capacities, increase the level of services and create the prerequisites for strengthening the main season and extending it.

Interested hosts submit filled forms to the tourist office by 26.04.2018. after which the commission enters the field and verifies that the facility has met the conditions. Verified records are delivered to the Zadar County Tourist Board.

Here you can find all the necessary documentation for entering the quality club.

1. Call for inclusion in the standardization project for family accommodation

2. A statement of settled debts

3. WELCOME – Rules

4. Sub-brands – WELCOME

5. ZADARBIKEMAGIC – book od standard