Tourist guide

Tourist guide

Vrsi as a tourist resort can offer you diverse private accommodations. If you want to spend a peaceful vacation with your family, our residents will be more than happy to make your stay memorable and pleasant.

We are sure that you will find something for yourself among the diverse offers of cozy apartments, rooms and villas. Most of the accommodation is at a three star level.

It is up to you whether you want to be in the center of the village or closer to one of our numerous beautiful beaches. If you love camping, you can choose one of our four camps.  Whether you choose an apartment or a camp, we are sure that you will enjoy your stay!


Active holidays

If you are a fan of sailing or windsurfing you will find excellent opportunity to do that in Vrsi. During the summer months, almost daily, there is a light sea breeze “maestral” which makes the sailing/windsurfing conditions excellent. In the center of Vrsi there are basketball and mini football playing fields.

You can also rent buggies and drive the mountain trails around the beautiful beaches, accompanied by a guide.



Plitvice lakes

Plitvička jezera are the oldest, most famous and considered to be the most beautiful national park. It is included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is comprises of 16 cascading lakes connected by waterfalls.

Plitvice Lakes will charm you with an interesting community of beech and fir forests in the jungle stage, 50 species of orchids, 321 species of butterflies and many other plant and animal communities. There are possibilities of hiking, riding in electric boat and train, photographing, bike riding, rowing and skiing in winter times.



Paklenica National Park provides a unique experience of the Croatian Velebit Mountain guiding you through its canyons and 150 km long hiking trails and roads. Paklenica is considered the most famous climbing spot in Croatia. The relatively small area has an abundance of geomorphological phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and an untouched nature.

Possible activities in the park are hiking, rock climbing, trekking, cycling, bird watching, visiting caves.



National Park Kornati is the densest group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea, comprising of 89 islands, islets and rocks. The crowns of Kornati (cliffs on the outer islands row) will enchant you with its beauty. The islands are mainly covered by vegetation of rocky pastures that give the landscape of Kornati a special attraction and a unique touch.

The seabed in Kornati in biological terms is considered one of the most valuable in the Adriatic Sea. Possible activities in Kornati are hiking, cruising, recreational fishing, scuba diving, photography.


Krka waterfalls

Krka National Park is named after the river Krka. Krka is comprised of seven travertine waterfalls, out of which most widely known is Skradinski buk. In addition to the enchanting beauty of waterfalls, you will get easily charmed by the Island of Visovac Lake, where there is a Franciscan monastery and church of Our Lady of Mercy. Biodiversity in Krka consists of Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean plant and animal communities whose value is enhanced by the high number of endemic species.

Possible activities in the park are walking, hiking, boating, biking, photography, recording, recreational fishing, participating in old crafts (weaving, blacksmith).


Vrana lake

Nature Park Vrana lake (Vransko jezero) is the largest natural lake in Croatia. It is located near the town of Biograd. Part of the lake due to the wealth of birdlife (waterfowl) was declared a special an ornithological reserve and is included in the list of the most important ornithological areas of Europe. The lake has a great biological value and provides a wealth of fish.  Vrana lake (Vransko jezero) is rich in cultural and historical monuments such as the Benedictine monastery that was renovated to the Templar monastery in the 10th century and others.

Possible activities in the park are hiking, biking, fishing, bird watching, boating.


Nature Park Telaščica

Telašćica consists of Telašćica bay with indented coast of 69 kilometers; within the coast there, are 5 small islands, one cliff and 25 small coves. The cliff reaches maximum height of 161 meters and falls down 85 meters below the sea level. It was made by tectonic activity: by moving and slipping under the Adriatic and Eurasian lithospheric micro surfaces. This area is rich in interesting plant and animal life on the land, as well as in the sea. Salty lake Mir with its healing properties is situated in a narrow strip of land between the bay Telašćica and the open sea. Telašćica is the most beautiful and biggest of the bays that are visited by many boaters.

Possible activities in the park are cruising, hiking, cycling, sports and recreation on the water, scuba diving, sport fishing, and photography.



The speciality in Vrsi is a seafood prepared in numerous ways with addition of homemade olive oil.

The hosts will be happy to serve “pršut” (smoked ham) dried in “bura” (the northern Dalmatian wind) which gives it a unique and authentic flavour.  Moreover, you must try the famous “paški sir”. It is a type of salty cheese made from the sheep milk. “Paški sir” has won numerous international awards and it is exported all around the world.

Moreover, we have quite a few meat delicacies also such as “janjetina” and “svinjetinja na ražnju”, specific way of making lamb and pork meat on the skewers over open fire.

Dalmatian cuisine and homemade olive oil are the tastes that you will remember and that will encourage you to visit us again.  We invite you to visit restaurants in Vrsi and witness family atmosphere and kind hosts combined with good food:

Besides enjoying the cuisine of our restaurants you should also taste authentic local specialities sold by the locals, such as wine, cherry brandy, olive oil, grapes, figs and olives. If you are interested, your hosts would be happy to show you their production methods, their vineyards and olive groves.

You can complete your evening walks by visiting one of our bars and enjoying the sounds of the sea and Dalmatian music.


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