Vrsi are adorned by 34km long coastline, rich with sandy, pebble and rocky beaches. Discover your ideal beach, you will surely enjoy one that will fulfil your wishes in Vrsi.

Duboka draga bay

The bay of Duboka Draga is a beautiful pebble beach, just 10 minutes away from the center of Vrsi. It is very rare to have an opportunity “to escape” and relax between the coves at such a short distance from the center, moreover, it is also accessible by car. The bay of Duboka Draga offers a magnificent view of the Velebit and crystal clear sea.
The water is so clear and blue against the backdrop of the mountains. You can’t take a bad picture here.

Beach Ričina

It is an idyllic natural sandy beach in the form of an arc. It is lively, sandy beach with a café bar. The beach is sandy and cosy, the perfect spot for your youngest ones to enjoy themselves.

Beach Mulo

Mulo is situated on the south side of Vrsi. There are numerous beautiful family houses with apartments as well as B&B’s (Bed and breakfast). Mulo is a beautiful urban beach that even features an outdoor gym. This is proof that it is possible to tan, enjoy and exercise at same time, just come over Mulo in the summer time and join the fun. Next to the pebble beach there is a beach promenade with several small shops, two bars and a pier, where you can buy fresh fish directly from fishermen. There are four small berths next to promenade where the local fisherman moore their boats.

Beach Kukinica

Not too far away from Duboka Draga, take a stop by the rocky escape of Kukinica. You can enjoy clean sea, privacy, beautiful view of the Velebit and fresh breeze. You can’t imagine anything more beautiful than this.

Beach Ljaljkovača

This is one of the best spots to swim and relax. Ljaljkovača will leave you speechless with its sparkling beauty.

Beach Punta Velebit

On the west side of Mulo, there is a two kilometre long pinewood beach, completely uninhabited. The pinewood area in Mulo has become an ideal place for lovers of solitude. If you want to relax and be one with nature, Punta Velebit is suitable for you. Crystal waters and a completely virgin landscape make a visit to this place unforgettable!

Beach Zečevo

Islet of Zečevo is quiet and rocky beach where you can find solitude and a peace of mind, it is a perfect, quiet spot. During the tide, the passage to the mainland called Prizda gets filled with sea water, which makes it an island. However, during low tide, the islet of Zečevo becomes a peninsula and it is easily accessible over Prizda. On the islet there is a church of Our Lady of Zečevo. Each year on the 5th May and 5th August many pilgrims come to the islet to honour Gospa od Zečeva (Our Lady of Zečevo).

Beach Zukve

In Zukve there are both sandy and pebble beaches. Next to the beach there is a small early Christian church St. Jakov. Zukve has two grocery stores and a tourist information center. It is a popular and lively beach, perfect for families with children.


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