Obligations to provide services

Obligations to provide services

Obligations of persons providing household services:

1. Obtain a decision on approval for providing hospitality services in the household with the Administrative Department for Economy and Tourism Zadar County, at the address of Josip Juraj Strossmayer 20. Request for approval should be downloaded on this link: Request for Authorization

Household catering services are considered to be:

  • Accommodation service in the room, apartment and holiday home, the owner of which is the owner, up to 10 rooms, or 20 beds, not included in the number of extra beds,
  • Accommodation service in the camp, organized on the land owned by the renter, with a maximum of 10 accommodation units, ie for 30 guests at the same time, which do not include children up to 12 years of age,
  • breakfast, half board or board services to the guests who rent the accommodation services in the room, apartment and holiday home

2. Obtain a standardized plate with a designation of the type and category of the object, as determined by the competent office’s decision and be clearly visible at the entrance to the object or in the immediate vicinity.

3. In each object (room, apartment, holiday home, camp), indicate the type and category of the facility, the price of the services offered, the information on the payment of the sojourn tax and observe the mentioned prices. Obligators of payment of the annual lump sum amount of the sojourn tax in the price list do not emphasize the amount of sojourn tax but note that sojourn tax is included in the price of accommodation. The price of the accommodation unit should be in Croatian and at least in English. From 01.01.2007. there is no longer a requirement to validate the price list of catering services. In addition to offering accommodation to guests, breakfast, half-board or board service is obligatory for the owner to determine the norms of food, drinks and beverages for each dish, drink and beverage and provide services according to the norms and submit to the guest upon request.

4. Report and de-register all guests to the Tourist Office on prescribed applications or via the Internet for each guest individually within 24 hours.

5. Keep guest lists in the form of a linked book (the same book for domestic and foreign guests) or in electronic form (on the computer), including agency guests. Guestbook is no longer verified at the competent office. The landlord independently concludes the guest list for the previous year and continues with guest entries next year in the same book until its fulfillment. Book The guest list is kept for at least two years after being filled in and, if kept in electronic form at the end of the calendar year, must be printed and / or stored in the appropriate medium and kept for at least two years.

6. Issue a guest account (in a copy) with the specified type, quantity and price, or discount granted, provided services for each provided service. The invoice must be accurate, inaccurate, clear, visible and legible in paper or electronic form. In the account for offered accommodation services, the lump-sum payers do not state the amount of sojourn tax. A copy of the invoice is a document for the posting in the Ticket of the Traffic that the Lessor needs to manage and based on the calculation of the Tourist Membership.

7. Determine the house order and highlight it in all rooms and apartments.

8. Pay membership fees to the tourist community based on the Membership Act in Tourist Unions (Official Gazette No. 152/08, No. 88/10 and NN 52/19 and 144/20). The annual lump sum membership fee is the product of the largest number of beds in the room, apartment and holiday home, or the largest number of accommodation units in the camp, and can be paid once until July 31 of the current year or in three equal installments, with the first installment due on 31. July, the second on August 31, and the third on September 30 of the current year.. The final calculation of the membership fee is submitted to the Tax Administration on the TZ form by the 15th of January of the following year, after the year for which the final calculation is made.

The amount of the TOURIST MEMBERSHIP FEE for renters in the household is 45kn / 5,97€ per main bed, 22,50kn / 2.99€ per foldable bed, for camps in the household is 80kn / 10.62€ for each accommodation unit. Exceptionally for 2020/2021, the membership fee is paid in the amount reduced by 50%, ie 22.5kn / 2.99€  per bed in the household and 40kn / 5.31€ for the camping unit.

The following information is entered in the payment order that the landlord himself fills in:
Recipient: TZ Općine Vrsi
Receiver account number: HR671001005-1762527152
Model: HR67
Call for Approval Number: The OIB is entered
Payment Description: Payment of tourist dues

9. Pay the annual lump-sum amount of income tax at four annual rates, which is determined by a tax solution issued and delivered by the competent branch of the regional office of the tax administration.Obligations of persons providing household services:

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