Tourist Membership

Tourist Membership

Pursuant to the Act about memberships in tourist unions (“NN” 152/08), the obligation to pay membership fees to tourist boards has been established.

The annual lump sum membership fee is the product of the largest number of beds in the room, apartment and holiday home, or the largest number of accommodation units in the camp, and can be paid once until July 31 of the current year or in three equal installments, with the first installment due on 31. July, the second on August 31, and the third on September 30 of the current year.

The amount of the TOURIST MEMBERSHIP FEE for renters in the household is 45kn / 5.97 euro per main bed, 22.50kn / 2.99 euro per folding beds, for camps in the household is 80kn / 10.62 euro for each accommodation unit. Exceptionally for 2021, the membership fee is paid in the amount reduced by 50%, ie 22.5 kn per bed in the household and 40 kn for the camping unit.

The following information shall be entered in the payment order that the landlord himself fulfills:
Recipient: TZ of the Vrsi Municipality
Receiver account number: HR671001005-1762527152
Model: HR67
Approval number call: enter OIB
Payment Description: Payment of tourist dues

The TZ form with a copy of the payment slip is submitted to the competent branch office of the Tax Administration no later than January 15 of the following year after the year for which the final return is prepared..

You can download the form here: TZ2

Instructions for filing in the TZ form

The law on tourist tax

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